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Paramore - „Paramore in North America“-Tour 2023

Stage & Lighting Production Design: Sooner Routhier (Sooner Rae Creative), Trevor Ahlstrand (Ahlstrand Productions).

Creative Director & Video Content Designer: Mike Kluge (Cour Content).

Associate LD & Lighting Director: Chad Peters.

Lighting Programmers: Chris Smith, Kyle Lovan, Nikita Jakovlev, Bobby Grey.

Video Programmer: Ciara Hegli.

Live Video Director: Adam Peck.

Tour Manager: Andrew Weiss.

Verwendetes Equipment von Robe: 3 x BMFL FollowSpot; 6 x BMFL FollowSpot LT; 67 x Esprite; 6 x iForte; 3 x RoboSpot-System.

Lieferant: LMG Touring.


(9. August 2023 - Climate Pledge Arena - Seattle, Washington, USA)

You First
The News
That’s What You Get
Playing God
Caught In The Middle
Rose-Colored Boy
Running Out Of Time
Last Hope
Big Man, Little Dignity
Crystal Clear
Hard Times
Figure 8
The Only Exception
Misery Business
Ain’t It Fun

Still Into You
This Is Why


(Fotos: Todd Moffses)




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