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Chauvet fixtures installed at Lewis University’s Philip Lynch Theatre

Chauvet fixtures installed at Lewis University’s Philip Lynch Theatre

The theatre department of Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois, has added Chauvet Professional Ovation and Maverick LED fixtures from JRLX, Inc. to its Philip Lynch Theatre lighting system.


“Our department has an open-ended goal of updating technical production elements on a continuous basis,” says Andrew Nelsen, who serves as the theatre’s technical director and production designer, in addition to being an assistant professor.


Nelsen describes how the five Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures and four Ovation E-910FC color mixing ellipsoidal units Lewis University acquired will be used at the Philip Lynch Theatre. “They are not intended to be permanently installed, but to serve as flexible tools that can be shared between the two theatre spaces,” he says. “I also view these fixtures as teaching tools that can be struck from the lighting grid and brought to the classroom for students to get up close to.”


The Philip Lynch Theatre produces five mainstage plays or musicals a year as well as hosting a wide range of student and alumni driven performances. Nelson uses the Mavericks in pairs as diagonal back light, with the fifth instrument hung down center on the theatre stage. “I have also used the MK1s as side light instruments,” he says. “In these applications, they hang 21 feet above the stage deck and a maximum of 20 feet horizontally from the edge of the stage.”


“For ‘13 The Musical,’ I put all of our MK1s in a row on an upstage line set,” he continues. “We also like to use this configuration for our annual Christmas variety show. Recently, we hung MK1s in our Blackbox Theatre for a production of ‘Constellations’.” Student Lighting Designer Eric Redmon used the stock patterns of the MK1 to establish the multiple “universes” that the characters traverses during the play.


Describing the Ovation E-910FC as his “workhorse fixture for side light,” Nelsen typically has them in low side positions or low front positions. Outfitted with 26° lens tubes, the ellipsoidal units are flown from 6-12 feet above the stage deck when hanging from the vomitorium and aisle positions. When hung from the lighting rig, they are 21 feet above the stage deck.




Chauvet fixtures installed at Lewis University’s Philip Lynch TheatreChauvet fixtures installed at Lewis University’s Philip Lynch Theatre

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