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Ana Gabriel on tour with Robe fixtures

Ana Gabriel on tour with Robe fixtures
Ana Gabriel on tour with Robe fixtures

Mexican singer Ana Gabriel hit the road on her “Estamos A Tiempo” (We Are On Time) world tour last year at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, a campaign that continues internationally throughout 2019, with another lighting and visual design by Chilean LD Felipe Serey.


Serey has worked with the artist for six years, and the lighting specification for the current tour has over 150 Robe moving lights - 60 x MegaPointes, 40 x Spiiders, 48 x Spikies, two BMFL Spots and three BMFL WashBeams - on the lighting plot.


Recently Ana Gabriel played a show at the Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile, Serey’s hometown, where the full Robe rig was supplied by a local rental company. Serey decided on a diamond-shaped LED screen upstage centre - to have something different and more interesting than the ‘standard’ rectangular slab of video. He evolved an array of lighting looks and texturing for each song of the set, with some input from the artist.


The central screen is 6.5 metres square but rotated 45 degrees to give the diamond shape a top-to-bottom height of 9 metres. With all the motors concealed in the roof above, it appears to be floating in the air. The main 12 metre runs of overhead trusses were flown at 90 degrees to one another to mirror the architecture of the diamond screen, each one rigged with 10 x MegaPointes and 4 x Spiiders.


Then there were four diagonal trusses - two a side - at the back, framing and following the angle of the upper half of the screen, also rigged with MegaPointes and Spiiders. On the floor were three 2.4 metre structures each side also rigged with Spiiders.


Towards the centre of the stage - overhead - was another 2.4-metre-long run of truss loaded with 3 x BMFL Spots and 12 of the Spikies, and then to the sides, two 6 metre runs of truss each rigged with 6 x Spikies. The ‘frame’ of lighting was completed with Tyler trusses each side each containing another six MegaPointes and four Spiiders.


On the floor for contrasting angles, 12 additional MegaPointes and 12 x Spikies were positioned along the back and sides. For the show’s opening sequence, two BMFL WashBeams were utilized for front gobo projections. The three BMFL Spots Serey used to close the stage space down for the intimate and personal moments of the set.


The MegaPointes were used extensively throughout the show - they are the main effects fixture. The Spiiders are used for the whole show, washing the different stage areas. Serey runs them in wide mode, and he also uses the central ’flower’ for some scenes. The Spikies he uses to add energy and punch to certain sections of the show.


Video equipment - including two side IMAG screens - is being supplied to the tour by Nitro LED. Felipe Serey created all the video content for this tour - the first time he’s also taken on this role in addition to the lighting and the video systems design.


(Photos: Lorena Persson)




Ana Gabriel on tour with Robe fixturesAna Gabriel on tour with Robe fixtures

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