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WhatsIt launches new software extension

WhatsIt launches new software extension
WhatsIt launches new software extension

Lumings, the first proprietary software developed by French company WhatsIt, is a plug-in for the 3D design and modeling software application Sketchup, whose purpose is to simulate the technical rendering side of video mapping in the most realistic way possible. The video projection design tool is set to save time and reduce costs for technical videographers, scenographers and project managers alike.


Lumings makes it possible to design an entire scenography before setting foot on site, due to its models and information. Another feature is its database, which integrates the technical characteristics of all existing professional projectors.


The projector’s illuminance, positioning, energy consumption and heat release can all be monitored, as well as wider concerns such as pixel size/distortion, or the impact of shadows on projection surfaces.


Lumings provides a solution for the most complex and uncharted video mapping configurations. It allows the user to simulate renders onto different materials and textures such as stone, metal, glass, mirrors etc. The 3D rendering is done using third part photorealistic engine.


The plug-in can work out and compile the list of equipment most suited to the job, as well as providing alternatives for optimal configurations, taking into account available equipment options.


Lumings works as a subscription, which provides the user with frequent updates, though a lite version of Lumings is available for customers without a subscription. While this version does not allow manipulation of the project or modification of the layout of the projectors, it does offer the same visualisation possibilities as the complete plug-in. Lumings does not require Internet access to function.




WhatsIt launches new software extensionWhatsIt launches new software extension

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