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Robe supports lighting schemes during elections in Israel

Robe supports lighting schemes during elections in Israel

Robe moving lights were present during this year’s Israeli general elections and specifically during broadcasts from the country’s main news station, Channel 12, which built a special pop-up studio in front of Israel’s Parliament building, the Knesset, which was live for a week.


Lighting designer Ofer Jacobi was asked by Channel 12 to design a lighting scheme for the studio and Danor Theatre & Studio Systems was appointed as the rental supplier. Jacobi works regularly for Danor and is involved in many Channel 12 productions and Danor’s Erez Hadar is a lighting consultant for the Channel 12 news unit and owners Keshet Media, who turned to the company to deliver the lighting solution for this application.


The show’s creative team sent Jacobi 3D plans of the studio together with a list of lighting requirements, and he came back with a kit list that included 24 x Robe MegaPointes, 18 x LEDWash 1200s, 12 x Spiider LED wash beams, eight LEDBeam 150s and six Pointes.


The MegaPointes were used at the rear of the studios to create beam effects along the front drive of the Knesset. The LEDWash 1200s bathed the Knesset building’s monolithic fascia in light, illuminating it in what became the signature back-of-shot look for all of Channel 12’s reporting throughout the 2019 election.


The Spiiders were used to wash the outdoor area in front of the building, and the expanse of ground in between it and the pop-up studio, while the LEDBeam 150s were used to create colourful backgrounds for the numerous interviews taking place in the studio. The Pointes were located on the roof of the Knesset, scanning and beaming around all over the area.


Other lighting in the studio included some PARs, profiles and other generics together with LED panels. Lighting control was via a CompuLite Ultra Violet console operated by Ronen Ben-Harosh and the lighting crew chief on site was Shalom Efraim. The studio was designed by Avi Fahima and Maia Hanoch from Studio Forma and constructed by Irgunit.


(Photos: Yochai Tamir/Channel 12)




Robe supports lighting schemes during elections in IsraelRobe supports lighting schemes during elections in Israel

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