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Robe moving lights illuminate Vasco Rossi’s stadium shows

Robe moving lights illuminate Vasco Rossi’s stadium shows
Robe moving lights illuminate Vasco Rossi’s stadium shows

For Italian rock singer Vasco Rossi’s latest tour, including six sold out nights at Milan’s San Siro stadium, lighting designer Giovanni Pinna used over 340 Robe moving lights - 152 x MegaPointes, 122 x Spiiders and 72 x LEDBeam 150s.


Video screens/content director and Disguise server operator Marco Piva and Disguise tech Nicolas Di Fonzo worked directly for Giovanni Pinna who also collaborated closely with live camera director Peppe Romano from Except. The initial visual inspiration for this years’ tour design was the 2018 tour - as the artist wanted some continuity in that industrial look with towers and large video surfaces.


To some extent, the design was tailored to the San Siro venue as it hosted the most multiple shows. The central LED screen was flanked by four surfaces, two a side, creating a 97-metre-wide stage - effectively 40 metres wider than the 2018 tour. With the increase in dimensions and the additional video surfaces more lights were needed to keep the balance.


Above the central section of stage was a video ‘header’ which split into four sections that tracked up/down and left/right into different configurations. The riser layout, central runway and walkways below were part of a new stage design by Gioforma.


The roof lighting was completely new, with an 18 x 8 metre grid providing the main over-stage lighting positions - upstage of the 4 x moving LED header pieces - with a 24 metre front truss, plus lighting ‘top pods’ stage left and right tucked in between the side screens.


The LEDBeam 150s were deployed across the riser positions on the decks and along the front lip of the stage in the footlights position. The MegaPointes and Spiiders were scattered all over the rig - on the main grid, in the side pods and along the back wall, which featured scenic mesh banners and had the whole surface area outlined in square and rectangular shapes utilising LED strips. Twenty-four of the MegaPointes and twelve of the Spiiders were working in conjunction with a BlackTrax remote follow system, highlighting the guitarists and bass player.


In addition to the Robe fixtures on the rig, Pinna had around 350 other lights, all supplied by rental company BOTW. Lighting crew chief was Fabrizio Moggio, with whom Pinna’s worked on previous Vasco shows and a diversity of other projects.


ER Productions supplied lasers to Pinna’s spec, including LazerBlades and BB3s, all controlled by Pinna’s GrandMA2 full size console, plus five 15 W units run separately by Harry Boyde using one of ER’s Pangolin Beyond systems.


This year they canned the confetti, CO2 blasts and flame jets and instead opted for two pyro moments. The first was at the end of ‘Rewind’ when a 125 metre wide gerb fountain ignited along the back wall of the stadium - and then a firework finale during the last number ‘Albachiara’ brought the show to a close.


Vasco Rossi’s core creative team also included FOH sound engineer Andrea Coresellini, who together with Giovanni Pinna and Marco Piva has worked with the artist for over ten years.


(Photos: Louise Stickland)




Robe moving lights illuminate Vasco Rossi’s stadium showsRobe moving lights illuminate Vasco Rossi’s stadium shows

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