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Fedez on tour with Claypaky fixtures

Fedez on tour with Claypaky fixtures

Lighting Designer Jacopo Ricci made his contribution to staging Fedez's show by selecting a lighting system consisting of 52 Mythos 2 units and twenty Claypaky B-Eye K20s, all supplied by Mister X service based in Grumello Cremonese.


“With the Mythos 2 units, I could go from beam light to spotlight depending on the needs during the individual parts of the show, and I could program the fixtures differently during the show while exploiting the same installation points,” Ricci explains. “I don't normally use beam lights very much, but in this case, the ability to switch to beam mode was really important.”


The three front and two side trusses were all fitted with Mythos units, which Ricci says he “used 90% as pure effects”, including to drill through the semi-transparent cube of LED walls which opened up for the purpose. “I normally use a lot of gobo and animation wheel effects. I also used CMY variations and colour changes a lot. There are quick changes during each song, which I used as true effects.


“The Mythos units, however, also performed as spotlights during the more theatrical and less complex moments of the show.” The Claypaky B-Eye K20s were mainly used for visual effects on the front truss.




Fedez on tour with Claypaky fixturesFedez on tour with Claypaky fixtures

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