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EDC’s NeonGarden illuminated by Chauvet

EDC’s NeonGarden illuminated by Chauvet

For the NeonGarden stage at the 2019 Electric Daisy Carnival festival in Las Vegas, lighting designer Steve Lieberman and assistant lighting designer Max Robin included 48 Chauvet Professional Strike Saber fixtures in their rig.


Supplied by Aspect Lighting, the batten-style fixtures were positioned around a “window” created in the middle of a 125’ wide by 30’ tall 25 mm mesh video screen that covered the entire front of the NeonGarden stage.


“The video screen was the big feature of our design this year,” says Lieberman. “Because of the style of music and the community that enjoys NeonGarden, there was a VIP section right at the stage. We relied on the video screen to create a setting where the crowd wouldn’t have to see the people around the DJ, and at the same time, the crowd by the stage could see through the mesh and the large horizontal window that we cut through the screen.”


Bordering the top and bottom of the video screen’s window, the Strike Sabers served as blinders, adding an extra visual dimension to the wall for the NeonGarden crowd. “Our LD Alex Ares used the individual pixel control of these fixtures to create a lot of looks,” Lieberman explains. “He ran the Sabers warm white and amber, and basically used every feature they offered to change things up throughout the three days of the festival.”


(Photos: Tyler Hill for Insomniac)




EDC’s NeonGarden illuminated by ChauvetEDC’s NeonGarden illuminated by Chauvet

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