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Robe fixtures used for Gibonni show at Zagreb Arena

Robe fixtures used for Gibonni show at Zagreb Arena
Robe fixtures used for Gibonni show at Zagreb Arena

Croatian singer, composer and musician Gibonni’s latest show at Zagreb Arena featured a lighting design by Sven Kučinić of LumiLas d.o.o. who used Robe Pointes, MMX Spots and MMX WashBeam moving lights.


Kučinić has worked as Gibonni’s LD for the last five years, and for this show he collaborated with Olgierd Kamienski on the video design. The scenography followed a show theme suggested by Gibonni himself, where the main set feature was a life-size cross-sectioned boat mid-stage, complete with a selection of sea-based props sourced from the Adriatic coast. This also provided the starting point for the lighting design.


Four curved trusses were flown above the four corners of the performance space. The main lighting fixtures - all supplied by Croatian rental company Eldra - were 32 x Pointes, 18 x MMX Spots and 16 x MMX WashBeams.


In addition to the four curved trusses, there were further straight runs of truss at the front and back and to the sides of the stage, and also above the audience. These were especially for the Pointes which Kučinić thinks work better together when in straight lines.


The MMX WashBeams were the main front light, rigged on parallel trusses that spanned the arena. The Pointes were the only effects light in the show, sometimes doubling up as top spot fixtures.


The set featured a B-Stage in the middle of the venue, utilized during the encore so Gibonni could get close to his fans, and the audience also had to be properly lit throughout for a large camera crew recording the show for his new music video.


The MMX Spots were used as theatre style side lights. Kučinić took advantage of the gobo selection combined with the CTO treatment and the animation wheels.


The overall video look was discrete to enhance the ‘rustic’ vibe of the show created with the lighting and scenography. The LED screens - a series of surfaces upstage and a strip along the front and down the sides of the boat for sea and ocean footage - were concealed and designed to be faded in and out as required.


Sven Kučinić programmes and runs all his own shows and specifies a GrandMA2 full size. He was assisted by his LumiLas associate Juraj Stipetic for this show. Olgierd Kamienski ran the video, and a team from Eldra comprised Igor Drazic, Damir Drazic, Ante Grabovac, Josip Knezevic, Dario Katacic, Domagoj Pribanic and Zvonimir Borovac.


(Photos: Juraj Stipetic/LumiLas LLC)





Robe fixtures used for Gibonni show at Zagreb ArenaRobe fixtures used for Gibonni show at Zagreb Arena

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